Deputies Assist to Help with Boat Launch Mishap


Deputies Assist to Help with Boat Launch Mishap

Yesterday afternoon, a Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team Member, with the assistance of deputies on shore, freed a boat and trailer from the boat launch dock at Silver Lake.  


The idea of boating and fun seemed to float away after a mishap during the launching of a boat at Silver Lake just before 1:00 p.m., on June 30, 2017.

As the owner backed the boat trailer down the launch into the water, a sound most people who have a boat or spent time around a boat launch became apparent.  The grinding sound of a still lowered prop/motor scraping against the ground.  The owner stopped, shut the truck off, and walked back to the boat.  Once in the boat, he raised the motor to save the propeller from further damage.  The truck popped out of park, or wasn’t fully placed in park, and began rolling backward into the water with the boat and trailer still attached.

The stern of the boat floated free of the trailer which allowed the trailer to slip under the dock.  As the boat, still attached to the trailer at the nose, went further into the water, its buoyancy lifted the trailer up, pinning it against the underside of the dock.  The truck ended up submerged, the trailer pinned with the bow of the boat being pulled down toward the waterline.

Deputy Pendell and Deputy Morford arrived and requested additional resources to remove the boat and trailer from the dock without causing damage.  Deputy Brad Humphrey, a diver for the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Team responded to the location.  Deputy Humphrey, using his training & equipment to safely dive under the dock, determined the wooden bunks of the trailer were hung up.  He unbolted the bunks freeing the trailer which allowed the trio to be towed from the water.

No one was injured and there was no property damaged other than water damage to the truck.

This is a reminder to always be prepared and consider safety at all times.  We all get in a hurry, excited, or even a little complacent as we enjoy our time at the lake or river, but a small mistake, oversite, or equipment failure can lead to big and sometimes life-threatening problems.  Take a minute to slow down, know your equipment and ensure it’s in good working condition, and always wear Personal Flotation Devices.  The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit patrols will be out checking equipment, conducting safety checks and working to increase knowledge of the dangers of boating under the influence as part of the national effort, Operation Dry Water.

Deputy Mark Gregory
Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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