Duel in the Sky Pigeon Racing Event June 3rd 2017


Silver Wings Racing out of Spokane Valley is having its first ever Duel in the Sky Pigeon Racing Event Saturday June 3rd at Settlers Creek. Tickets include all the activities, amazing dinner and 40 ft outdoor movie to end the night. You can also attend the Auction and win your own Pigeon to race and win! Over 40 racing Pigeons being auctioned off during two auctions with 2o mile races.

Grab your tickets for June 3rd as is will be a night to remember! Family fun filled afternoon and amazing dinner with Pigeon Racing, Auction, Music, and end the evening with a 40 foot outdoor movie, fire pit and so much more! Ever wanted to launch tomatoes? Try the tomato launcher!  It all kicks off around 4:30pm however the grounds open at 2:30pm so come early and play! There’s music, games for the kids, bounce house, beer and wine sales, Live Pigeon Auctions and two races. Yes, you can bid on and win a Pigeon then race it and win! Enjoy a fabulous meal around 6pm and finish the evening with an outdoor movie on a 40 foot screen! Toast smores at the fire pit and enjoy the night.


This is the Event of the summer! Pigeons race to their home located in Spokane Valley. All race details will be covered Live on screen with prizes to the top finishing birds! This is an epic Duel in the Sky and you can join us and race the pigeon you won at auction (requires bidding to win).

Check out Silver Wings Racing and purchase your tickets on their site. You can also watch the Live Stream Pigeon camera running at Silver Wings Racing Loft in the Spokane Valley. You can also win tickets to this event on Spokane News Facebook Page.

Tickets HERE

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