Fire Victim Rescued in Apartment Fire


May 23, 2023 – The Spokane Fire Department (SFD) swiftly responded to a fire incident at an apartment building in the 500 block of W Sprague Ave this evening. At approximately 5:45 PM, neighbors reported smoke in the hallway on the 8th floor, accompanied by the activation of fire alarms.

Upon arrival, the first responding fire crews immediately initiated operations on the 8th floor, where they discovered a lone occupant unconscious in the hallway. The dedicated efforts of the firefighters resulted in the successful rescue of the victim, who was promptly treated and revived at the scene. The individual was transported to a local hospital by AMR for further medical attention.

Simultaneously, SFD personnel extinguished a small kitchen fire within the occupant’s apartment. Thankfully, no other injuries were reported among the building’s occupants or the responding firefighters. All other residents have been able to return to their apartments.

The Spokane Fire Department’s Special Investigation Unit has initiated an investigation into the fire’s circumstances. The unit will diligently examine all pertinent factors to determine the cause and any contributing factors involved.

Chief Brian Schaeffer of the Spokane Fire Department expressed his gratitude for the quick response and exceptional efforts of the SFD personnel, whose professionalism and skill played a vital role in the successful rescue and containment of the fire.

The SFD also emphasizes the importance of working smoke alarms and urges residents to regularly test and maintain their smoke detectors to ensure early detection of fires and the safety of all occupants. If evacuating, it is important to close the door behind you to prevent fire and smoke spread.

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