Thursday, January 27, 2022

Kidnapping Scams in Spokane

Recently there has been an increase in “kidnapping scams” in the Spokane area.  The Spokane Police Department wants the public to be aware of these scams and to report them to police before taking any action.  Listed below are two recent examples, one from yesterday and one from today.

Yesterday around 11:00 AM a woman received a phone call and heard a females voice yelling “mommy mommy” on the call.   Then a male voice came on the line and demanded money from the woman saying he had caught the woman’s daughter doing a drug deal and she would have to send money though western union to get her daughter back.  The male caller knew personal information about the woman and her family. 

Today also about 11:00 AM a couple received a phone call from a male stating he had kidnapped their elementary age daughter and had her in his car.  In this instance, the male picked a specific location in the city and demanded they meet him and give him the money to get their child back.

In both of these instances, no one was taken or kidnapped and SPD is investigating them.  



Lieutenant Terry Preuninger 
Spokane Police Department  
Patrol Division

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