WHAT IS UP FOR GRABS: 1 Winning Mom will receive an Overnight Stay at Hampton Inn & Suites in the Spokane Valley on Sunday May 8th, a Limo ride to wine taste at Latah Creek Wine Cellars, Arbor Crest Wine Cellars, and Nectar Tasting Room, a 60 Minute Massage Gift Certificate to The Brick House Massage & Coffee Bar (includes a Latte, Truffle, and Take-Home Gift – $90 Value), a $150 Gift Certificate to Appleway Florist & Greenhouse, and a $100 Gift Certificate to Mamma Mia’s Italian Restaurant!

2ND PLACE WINNER will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Mamma Mia’s Italian Restaurant!


HOW TO ENTER: Like our Post on Facebook, then Like the Sponsor’s Facebook Pages (click their name to Like): Mamma Mia’s, A-Star Limousine, The Guardians Foundation, Appleway Florist and Greenhouse, The Brickhouse Massage and Coffee Bar, Hampton Inn & Suites – Spokane Valley. Also…Share our Facebook Post to Spread the Word!

20-25 Names from each Facebook Post will be added to the final drawing on Friday, May 6th of over 100 Names!



12:00PM – Check in at Hampton Inn & Suites – Spokane Valley
01:45PM – Limo arrives at Hampton Inn Hotel to meet winner
02:00PM – Limo leaves Hampton Inn Hotel to go to Brickhouse Massage and Coffee Bar
02:15PM – Limo arrives at Brickhouse Massage and Coffee Bar for Massage
03:30PM – Limo leaves Brickhouse Massage and Coffee Bar to Arbor Crest Wine Cellars
03:45PM – Limo arrives at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars**music until 4pm
04:15PM – Limo leaves Arbor Crest Wine Cellars to Latah Creek Wine Cellars
04:30PM – Limo arrives at Latah Creek Wine Cellars
05:00PM – Limo leaves Latah Creek Wine Cellars to Nectar Tasting Room
05:30PM – Limo arrives at Nectar Tasting Room
06:00PM – Limo leaves Nectar Tasting Room to Mama Mias
06:00PM – Dinner at Mama Mia’s
07:00PM – Limo leaves Mama Mia’s to Hampton Inn
07:30PM – Arrive back at Hampton Inn & Suites – Spokane Valley (Limo Trip Over)

NOTE: Above Times are approximate.


So LIKE our Post on Facebook, LIKE the Sponsors listed above, and SHARE our Facebook Post to Spread the Word! Thanks everyone and Good Luck!


GENERAL RULES & DISCLAIMER: Names drawn from each post will be listed below. Winners agrees to allow photos/videos to be shared on Spokane News regarding this Promotion. Each winner can bring one guest. Winner will be verified to have entered correctly. Prize is not transferable to anyone else. Facebook is not a Sponsor of this Promotion. Gratuity is not included so please be kind when you win a tip your service providers.  


25 Names pulled from the April 7th Post on Spokane News

  1. Samantha Smith
  2. AshLee Elaine
  3. Christi Powell
  4. Christal Sinzdak
  5. Connie Hirschel
  6. Miranda Carlson
  7. Anna Parker
  8. Valorie Gaulke
  9. Laurie Hagy
  10. Renee Buck
  11. Shannon Treece
  12. Dana Dorsey Wilkinson
  13. Suanne Terhaar
  14. Jesse Gamache
  15. Alex Heffley
  16. Cheri Edwards
  17. Tereka Atkins
  18. Jenn Fall
  19. Cindy Bond
  20. Christina Waldron
  21. Cindy Michelle Jewell-Schulze
  22. Kara Joy Antoine
  23. Alexandria Fisher
  24. Kelsey Rae
  25. Julie Stannard

25+ Names pulled from the April 19th post on Spokane News

  1. Rachelle Rowland
  2. Beth Hill
  3. Adrienne Sale
  4. Nicole Houchin
  5. Tiffany Mayo
  6. Amanda Wanker
  7. Matt Fuller
  8. Susie Goodwin
  9. Kiah Dixon
  10. Kelly Shelffo
  11. Katie Tanchin
  12. Traci Plenger-Walker
  13. Kearra Prewitt
  14. Erika Russell
  15. Christine Taysan
  16. Kyla Mae Allen
  17. Aimee Kitchen-Rousey
  18. Thomas Holloway
  19. Tanya Daimler
  20. Katherine Griffith-Scarola
  21. Beth Roosma
  22. Jamie Lynch Icard
  23. Sierra Ballard
  24. Krisy Bradbury
  25. Jennie Dobson
  26. Kandyce Barnett
  27. Michelle Bell
  28. Karissa Champion
  29. Erin Rodriguez
  30. Patti Johnson

25+ Names pulled from the April 27th post on Spokane News

  1. Cody Walker
  2. Beth Hill
  3. Des Hull
  4. Joslyn Killeen
  5. Celeste Carnine
  6. Desiree Lesperance
  7. Jessica James
  8. Cathrine Tolbert
  9. Debby Campbell
  10. Tracy Rose
  11. Cynthia Owens
  12. Erin Elizabeth Meenach
  13. Megan Anne Martin
  14. Marci Hammer Cole
  15. Jenny Ohmann
  16. Jordan Wolfson
  17. Jess Santora
  18. Brenda Ann
  19. Jennifer Simmons
  20. Loretta Walker-Taylor
  21. Marci Flores
  22. Amanda Kolassa
  23. Tesla Wing-Kismatali
  24. Carissa Gonzales
  25. Aiden Isaiah Lopez
  26. Jamie Marie
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