North Central Porch Pirate Arrested


The Spokane Police Department responded to the North Central neighborhood for a male who had been caught stealing a package off the front porch of a residence. The victim had the suspect detained outside his residence. Officers arrived and later booked the male into jail.

On December 7th, 2018 Officers responded to the area of Adams and Indiana in North Central Spokane for a package theft. The victim called and stated he observed a male, identified as 20 year old Christopher McClave, take a package off his front porch and start to walk away. The victim went out and confronted McClave, who was cooperative during the incident. McClave stayed at the location until Police arrived and took him into custody. McClave stated to Officers that he did this because he was bored.

McClave was subsequently booked into jail for 2nd Burglary because he entered a fenced area and for 3rd Theft for stealing the package. The Burglary is a felony charge and McClave will have to remain in jail until a Judge sets a bail or releases him.

With Christmas around the corner, we are going to see a lot more thefts in general, specifically package thefts and car prowling’s. If possible, find a trusted neighbor that can take care of your packages until you get home or have the items held at the facility for self-pickup. After a day of buying Christmas gifts, remember to either lock the gifts in the trunk of the vehicle or consider making a trip home to drop them off through the day. Thieves are going to be out in full force looking for easy pickings, and the best tool to combat this is taking away their options.

Cpl Van Tassel 
Spokane Police Department

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