Spokane News Easter Egg Hunt Event 2021


You are invited to the 2021 Spokane News Easter Egg Hunt Presented by HOTWORX and Sponsored by Mover For YouReusable Solutions RecyclingMail Box CenterYoke’s Fresh MarketPool World IncAffordable Brakes & SuspensionBrenda McKinley -Realtor- Windermere, and Goldbay.com!

Date: April 4th 2021 Location: 11900 East Broadway at North Pines Middle School Event duration 9am to 3pm

Current Hunt Schedule that may be adjusted as event registration fills. Must be registered prior to start time to be in the Hunt. Only one Egg Hunt per person for this Event.

10am Ages Under 2 
10am Ages 2-4 
10am Ages 5-7 
10am Ages 8-11 
11am Ages Under 2 
11am Ages 2-4 
11am Ages 5-7 
11am Ages 8-11 
12pm Ages Under 2 
12pm Ages 2-4 
12pm Ages 5-7 
12pm Ages 8-11 
1pm Ages Under 2 
1pm Ages 2-4 
1pm Ages 5-7 
1pm Ages 8-11 
2pm Ages Under 4 Years Old 
2pm Ages 5-11 
2:45pm Big Kids Mega Hunt Ages 12 and Up! Adults Can Play!

There will be various activities at the Event from 9am to 3pm and check the Event Page often as we will be adding more details.

Safety measures are in place for the Event including mask use. North Pines Middle School has a very large open area for us to use. Our goal is to spread out the Hunt areas and activity areas to provide a safe distance between attendees at the event. Registration for the Event will take place starting this weekend with attendees being advised to register for a time slot and choose 1 hunt time per guest. We do have to limit the number of hunters in each hunt so register early. Over 30,000 eggs and look for filled eggs and ticket eggs for awesome prizes from our Sponsors.

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