Spokane Police Investigate Murder/Suicide


Spokane Police respond to and investigate a shooting which occurred this morning at Rockwood Cancer Treatment Center inside Deaconess Hospital. Investigators believe this was an isolated incident of murder/suicide.

This morning, 7/8/14, just after 9:30 am, Spokane police received a call that a shooting had occurred at the Rockwood Cancer Treatment Center inside Deaconess Hospital at 910 W. 5th Ave. The caller reported that a man had come into the treatment center, shot a woman (later determined to be his wife) who worked at the facility, and then shot himself.

Officers were on-scene minutes after the initial call and immediately moved patients and staff to a secure area. The female was pronounced dead at the scene and the male was transported to the hospital’s emergency room for treatment. He was pronounced dead a short time later.

“This incident is both a family and community tragedy. The Spokane Police Department will thoroughly investigate this incident and continue to work closely with our law enforcement and community partners to address issues associated with domestic violence,” – Spokane Police Chief Straub.

Spokane Police Major Crime detectives are investigating the incident, processing the scene, processing the vehicles of the victim and suspect, and interviewing witnesses.

The children of the victim and suspect are safe and with relatives.

Spokane Police Chaplains responded to the scene and assisted with grief counseling following the incident.

Roads surrounding Deaconess are open and the hospital is open for patients and appointments. The Rockwood Cancer Treatment Center is closed for the remainder of the day.

Monique Cotton | Director of Communication & Public Information | Spokane Police Department

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