Spokane Valley Report a Pothole!


Spokane Valley Report a Pothole!


SPOKANE VALLEY, WA — It’s pothole season again, and maintenance crews in Spokane Valley are out on roadways filling potholes as quickly as they are found.  Crews know that community members are a great resource for information on potholes that may still need attention, so, if you spot potholes in the city of Spokane Valley, there are two easy ways you can report them:

Be sure to have the following information available to help crews find the pothole:

  • Location, such as an adjacent address or a description that includes the name of the street, nearest cross streets and the lane in which the pothole can be found (northbound, southbound, curb lane, turn lane, etc.).
  •  Provide any additional details that you think may be helpful for crews to know.
  •  Include a daytime phone number or an email where you can be reached if you would like to be contacted about your report.

Although the work is weather-dependent and repairs may need to wait for a break in the weather, repairing potholes quickly is a priority, so go ahead and report them now so they can be fixed before the next snow, freeze or thaw makes them worse.

And thank you for your help in keeping Spokane Valley roadways in good condition!

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