UPDATE: Arrest in Clifford “Cory” Fowler Homicide Investigation


<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing” align=”center”><b>UPDATE: Arrest in Clifford “Cory” Fowler Homicide Investigation</b></p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing”><b>Yesterday, Spokane Valley Major Crimes Detectives arrested 38-year-old Cristina C. Stiles for the 2016 death of her ex-boyfriend, 34-year-old Clifford “Cory” Fowler.  Fowler’s body was discovered in his apartment located in the 12900 block of East Mansfield on February 18th, 2016, just prior to 9:00 a.m.</b></p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing”>Major Crimes Detectives have continued to investigate Fowler’s death, hoping to learn who shot him and why.  Prior to Fowler’s death, he and Stiles were involved in child custody hearings of their young child.  Through this lengthy investigation, Detectives developed probable cause to charge Fowler’s ex-girlfriend, Stiles with Murder 1<sup>st</sup> Degree (DV).</p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing”>On August 7, 2018, Major Crimes Detectives, with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Office, contacted Stiles in Jacksonville, FL and arrested her without incident.</p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing”>If Stiles does not waive her rights to be extradited to Spokane County for trial, she will be held in Florida pending the outcome of the extradition process.</p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing”><b>Original Press Release from February 24, 2016:</b></p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing” align=”center”><b>Major Crimes Detectives Looking for Information</b></p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing”>Spokane Valley Major Crimes Detectives would like to talk to anyone who knows or had contact with 34-year-old Clifford “Cory” D. Fowler. Detectives are investigating the death of Fowler whose body was discovered in his apartment located in the 12900 block of East Mansfield on February 18th, 2016 just prior to 9:00 a.m.</p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing”>Fowler, who appears to have led somewhat of a private lifestyle, completed work on February 11th but was not heard from after that time. Detectives would like to talk with anyone who had contact with Fowler prior to his death or knows of his activities.</p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNoSpacing”>Anyone with information regarding this incident or observed anything suspicious at the apartment complex around this timeframe is asked to call the Major Crimes Tip Line at 509-477-3186.</p>
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<p class=”x_MsoNormal”>Deputy Mark Gregory</p>
<p class=”x_MsoNormal”>Spokane County Sheriff’s Office</p>
<p class=”x_MsoNormal”>Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer</p>

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