Update on Arrest of Suspect Pointing AK-47 near UGM


Police Anti-Crime Team officers in an unmarked police vehicle observed a male pointing a rifle out the window in the area of the Union Gospel Mission. They were in the right place at the right time to try and prevent a potential mass casualty drive by shooting. Officers pursued McRae in a vehicle and used a PIT to stop him. McRae fled on foot at which point Patrol Officers assisted with his capture. McRae was in possession of an AK-47 with a drum magazine, loaded with 63 rounds of live 7.62 ammo. McRae was also in possession of a loaded handgun. McRae was booked for Attempting to Elude and Felony Hit & Run. There are more serious Felony charges pending.

On 06/01/2017 at approximately 3:12pm, Police Anti-Crime Team officers driving an unmarked police vehicle observed Nicholas McRae point a rifle out the window of his vehicle in the area of the Union Gospel Mission located at 1224 E. Trent Ave. This location is known for having several individuals frequenting inside and outside of the building.

Officers assigned to the Patrol Anti-Crime Team then attempted to prevent a shooting by conducting a stop on the suspect vehicle using their emergency lights. McRae then fled in the vehicle and due to the danger posed to the public a pursuit was initiated. Patrol officers assisted with the pursuit and capture of McRae. McRae while eluding officers collided into two vehicles at Trent and Hamilton causing minor injuries to one of the citizen drivers.

Due to the danger being posed to the public and the pursuit now traveling towards downtown a PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) was conducted by officers disabling the suspect vehicle. McRae the driver and only occupant then fled on foot at Spokane Falls Blvd. and Riverpoint Blvd. towards the Riverpoint Campus. Several officers took McRae into custody.

McRae made statements that he was carrying the gun to clean up the streets. McRae is a convicted felon and has more serious Felony charges pending.

A search warrant was served on the suspect vehicle which revealed an AK-47 with a drum magazine, loaded with 63 rounds of live 7.62 ammunition. There was also a loaded handgun in the vehicle. Both the AK-47 and handgun were within reach of McRae.

The Spokane Police Department would like to remind citizens to report any suspicious activity. If anyone witnessed this incident they are encouraged to call Crime Check at 456-2233.

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