Robbery Suspect Arrested near 600 East Bridgeport


The Spokane Police Department investigated an armed Robbery in north Spokane on Friday evening. A male was held up at gun point and Robbed. The suspects fled in a vehicle and Officers in the area were able to locate it a short distance away. The vehicle had pulled in front of a residence and the occupants went inside. Officers were able to detain several people from the residence and made at least one arrest.


On July 13th 2018 Officers received reports of an armed Robbery of a person in north Spokane. The victim had been held up at gunpoint and Robbed. The suspects fled in a vehicle and the vehicle description had been provided to Officers. A short distance away, Officers observed the vehicle pull up to a residence in the 600 block of east Bridgeport. The occupants of the vehicle exited and went inside.


Once enough Officers arrived on scene and they were able to surround the residence, they started to ask people to exit.  Several people did exit the residence and were detained. One of the males was identified as 24 year old Aaron D Williams. After an investigation, Williams was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail for 1st Degree armed Robbery.


As of right now, the Spokane S.W.A.T. team remains onscene. Detectives were in the process of completing a search warrant for the residence to look for any evidence of the crime committed. A large Police presence remains due to not knowing if anybody else is inside the residence and if they would have access to a firearm.


Cpl Van Tassel

Spokane Police Department

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