SPD Arrest 5 in Robbery Shooting Call


Spokane Police Department arrest 5 in connection with an attempted robbery that occurred in the downtown area

On 08/21/2021, at about 1:07 P.M, Officers responded to a shooting in the 400 block of South Maple St. in the downtown area of Spokane. While Officers were en-route, the caller advised that one male had been shot in the parking lot and the suspects were fleeing in a vehicle.

Once Officers arrived on-scene, they located a male with a single gunshot wound.  While talking to the victim, he advised he was just “robbed” and provided Officers a detailed description of the vehicle that was used in the shooting. 

Another Officer, who was responding to the scene, located the vehicle used in the robbery and attempted to catch up to the vehicle. When Officers tried to stop the vehicle, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed.

Based on recent changes, Officers had to establish probable cause before a pursuit was initiated.  Fortunately Officers were able to maintain visual until this element was met which took extra time due to Officers still investigating at the crime scene. Officers were able to determine probable cause existed on the vehicle and its occupants for Robbery 1st so the pursuit was initiated.

During the pursuit, one of the occupants threw a firearm out of the window which was recovered. Also during the pursuit, Officers were able to spike the vehicle to slow the vehicle down. At one point, Officers initiated a PIT maneuver to end the pursuit.  The vehicle spun out and struck a parked car. Some of the occupants in the vehicle fled and were later apprehended a short time later. All 5 occupants were detained while the investigation continued.

Once everyone was detained, Officers ran the license plate of the vehicle.  The plates on the vehicle came back stolen.  Officers tried to get a hold of the owner to determine if the vehicle was stolen but were unable to get a hold of the owner at this time.

During the investigation all 5 occupants were arrested. The following charges are as follows:

The driver of the vehicle, identified as 20 year old Chandler Alexander, was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Attempt to Elude a Police Vehicle, Robbery 1st degree, Possession of Stolen Property 3rd degree, Resisting Arrest and Obstruction.

20 year old Dylen Swan was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail for 1st Robbery, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 2nd degree, and an un-related misdemeanor warrant.  Dylen was also booked into the Spokane County Jail for 2 more counts of Robbery from an incident that occurred yesterday.

38 year old Giovanni Juarez was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Robbery 1st degree and an unrelated felony warrant for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.

21 year old Roniah Friedlander was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Robbery 1st degree.

17 year old female was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Center for Robbery 1st.  Due to her age, her name will not be released at this time.

This case is still under investigation.  The victim was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. His injuries were listed as non-life threatening. No one else was injured during this incident.

Sgt. Michael Huffman
Swingshift Patrol Supervisor Team 8
Team Public Information Officer.

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