Traffic Stop locates Drugs and Wanted Male


On Thursday night, two Officers (two man car) were patrolling northeast Spokane. They made a traffic stop on a vehicle in the area of Napa and Lacrosse. During the traffic stop one of the Officers recognized the male in the back seat, he was identified as 29 year old Trevor Frantz. Officers checked Frantz name and discovered he had a felony Department of Corrections warrant for possession of controlled substance. The Officers advised Frantz that he was under arrest and Frantz physically resisted the arrest. After a brief struggle, Frantz was taken into custody. In Frantz coat pocket he had a large amount of Heroin, Methamphetamine and cash.

Officers told Frantz that he was under arrest. Frantz grabbed the car door and tried to slam it shut in an attempt to barricade himself inside. Officers were able to grab Frantz and tried to pull him out of the vehicle. Frantz had a hold of the headrest of one of the seats and was not letting go for some time. Officers were finally able to remove Frantz from the vehicle and he was taken into custody.

In Frantz coat pocket Officers located a large amount of Methamphetamine, Heroin, individual baggies and about $800 cash. Based on the large amount of drugs, cash and Frantz extensive history, Officers believed that Frantz was selling drugs. He was booked into jail for his warrant, Obstructing an investigation, Resisting arrest and two counts of possession of drugs with intent to deliver.

Frantz extensive criminal history includes 10 felony convictions and 7 misdemeanor convictions.

The felony convictions include 2 community custody violations, 3 drugs convictions, possession of stolen property, 1st degree theft, 1st degree burglary and unlawful possession of a firearm.

His misdemeanor convictions include 3 theft, an assault and several MIP’s.

Ronald Van Tassel
Spokane Police Department

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